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For those living in Pittsboro, traffic law violations can mean increased insurance rates and loss of driving advantages. For representation that will help in reducing the charges against you, Stafford & Heafner, COMPUTER.

With 32 years of consolidated experience, the lawyers at Stafford & Heafner, COMPUTER, have led in the resolution of more than 30,000 ticket cases for North Carolinians. Our extensive trial experience makes us quite adept at handling a range of traffic law offenses, consisting of these:

Driving without a valid driver’s license
Speeding in a school or building zone
Negligent driving and DUI offenses
Failure to pick up a school bus, train tracks, or stop sign or light
By calling us before paying your ticket or appearing in court, we can download you cash in the long run. By helping in reducing the variety of points versus your motorist’s license, you’ll save money monthly on insurance coverage premiums and reduce the opportunities of having your license suspended or withdrawed, which can lead to pricey taxicab fares and inconvenient public transportation rides.

Stafford & Heafner, PC, will certainly be glad to set up an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you, in order to fulfill for your free initial examination and case assessment.

North Carolina has stringent traffic laws. If a traffic ticket is disregarded– whether you forgot to pay the fine or didn’t appear in court at the specified date and time– you might deal with severe effects, even years later on, consisting of license suspension or an order for your arrest.

If you have actually been cited for driving with a suspended license or have actually been detained for failure to appear in court on a traffic matter, Stafford & Heafner, COMPUTER can assist you fix the matter and get your motorist’s license renewed. Contact us to arrange a free examination with lawyer Greg Stafford.
Attorney Greg Stafford of Stafford & Heafner, COMPUTER has actually effectively solved more than 30,000 traffic cases for motorists throughout North Carolina. His experience and familiarity with the North Carolina traffic court system can make a substantial distinction in your case.


While a serious traffic infraction, such as a DUI, will result in an instant arrest and court date to attend to the offense, traffic infractions involving speeding or other infractions will certainly result in less instant resolution. When you receive a traffic ticket, the ticket will certainly consist of a date and time for you to appear in court to contest the ticket or indicate how the ticket can be paid. The ticket may likewise indicate that you have to appear in court.

If the ticket is not resolved or if you did not appear in court when required, the court can provide an order to have your motorist’s license suspended– even if the traffic ticket is several years old.


Whether you need support resolving old traffic tickets and failure to appear citations (consisting of out-of-state traffic tickets and citations) or require help recovering your suspended driver’s license, our law firm can help. Lawyer Stafford’s experience with North Carolina traffic laws has shown reliable in assisting countless individuals with minimizing traffic charges, minimizing points on motorist’s licenses, and restoring suspended or withdrawed motorist’s licenses.


We are available to discuss your traffic violation and driver’s license issues in a complimentary initial consultation over the phone or in our workplace. Do not hesitate to finish a traffic form prior to your totally free initial consultation.

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